Will NBN affect health monitors?

Are you wondering what is going to happen to your health monitor or medical call button when you switch over to the NBN?

Is your health going to be at risk if something goes wrong with the your service?

What do you need to understand in order to receive the best possible support for your health after switching over to NBN services?

It’s vital to register your medical alarm, autodialler or call button with the NBN’s Medical Alarm Register. This will help NBN Co identify household support that may be required during the transfer the period of switching over to the NBN (i.e. which medical support will suffice during the switch over?).

There is one major downside to NBN services that may deter anyone with a health monitor or medical button.

During power outages, equipment connected to the NBN service will not work – at all.

This large issue could affect thousands of older Australians who, in a power outage, will not be able to access the urgent medical attention they may require.

In order to combat this disadvantage, make sure to call your device provider for an understanding of what technologies are compatible with NBN. Your health monitor may not work with your NBN, so it is important to know how to prepare.

These example questions, as provided by the NBN Co Australia, are standard to ask your device provider when switching your medical devices to NBN:

  • Will my medical alarm work properly when connected to NBN?
  • What specific internet or phone service will work best with my medical monitor?
  • What costs are involved in switching over to NBN?
  • Will my health monitor be able to dial out during a power outage?
  • If not, what is the alternative? 


Have you switched to NBN?

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