10 mistakes that can make you sick

It’s easy to get sick while in a foreign country – your body is exposed to so many new things, with which your immune system may struggle. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t had a bad experience with eating the wrong thing, and then spending the next day or so having quality time with their bathroom.

Here are 10 common mistakes that can cause you to get sick while travelling. Use this as a checklist of what to avoid on your next trip!

1. Not drinking enough water
Travel by its nature is dehydrating. All those planes, trips and transfers are very taxing on the body. If anything you need more water than you usually would.

2. Drinking the tap water
Even if you’re told it’s safe to drink, it’s best to stick with bottled water. Your body may not take to it quite as well as the locals’ do.

3. Not using hand sanitiser
Yes, I know it may seem like a very ‘touristy’ thing to do, but public places – particularly trains, buses and any handrails for that matter – are crawling with germs. Hand sanitiser gives you the best chance of not to transferring them directly to your mouth.

4. Not getting enough sleep
Sleep is how the body repairs itself. If you’re tired and sleep deprived you’re much more susceptible to falling sick.

5. Lack of fresh air
Many diseases are transmitted through air-conditioning systems. Spending time outdoors counteracts this, and fresh air is great for the soul.

6. Eating the wrong food
It can be hard to avoid getting a dodgy prawn, but researching restaurants is a great place to start when it comes to avoiding food poisoning or even just feeling sluggish.

7. Eating street food
Unless it has come highly recommended, this is one of the quickest ways to send yourself straight to a day with your toilet.

8. Not wearing sunscreen
Sunstroke is a serious condition that is not to be taken lightly. Make sure you ‘slip, slop, slap’ to avoid spending time in bed, recovering from too much sun.

9. Going unprepared
While it’s good to hope for the best, preparing for the worst is still very much advised. Pack first aid essentials that can stop tummy bugs, constipation and other issues from developing into much bigger problems.

10. Not listening to your body
It may sound silly, but one of the most important things to do is to listen to your body. It is far more amazing than it’s often given credit for and will tell you how it’s feeling and what it needs. If you’re feeling tired, rest, and know what you’re cravings actually mean!

Do you have any tips for staying healthy on the road? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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