Airline Update: Battle of the domestics

New routes and air alliances can mean more travel options, so what’s new in the air and on the ground this week?

Coles and Virgin buddy up
In the cutthroat world that is frequent flyer programs, Virgin’s latest announcement may put them ahead for once and all.

Having already partnered with BP so members can earn points when they buy petrol, the airline is now allowing frequent flyers with a flybuys card to transfer those points into Velocity Points.

Allowing up to 138,000 points per year to be transferred, you can also earn Status Credits when you shop, in order to boost your level of membership more quickly. If you shop at Coles this is a bit of a no brainer and all you need to do is link your membership up and then swipe your flybuys card at Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland or First Choice Liquor.

Find out more at flybuys.

Qantas charges excess for excess
If you’re not good at packing light this may finally be the motivation that you need. Qantas have increased their excess baggage charges on domestic flights by up to 75 per cent.

Passengers who are travelling with more luggage than their ticket allows will find themselves faced with a $70 fee, up from $40 previously. If you have any additional suitcases on top of this they will incur an extra $90, as opposed to the $60 that was charged beforehand.

If any single piece of luggage exceeds 23kg you will be hit with a ‘heavy charge’ of $50 (this was previously $30), unless your ticket indicates a higher allowance.

And if you were thinking about avoiding the fee by pre-paying for excess baggage online before you fly, while this is still the best plan of attack, you won’t quite avoid the increased costs with Qantas now charging $35 instead of $30. Still, in the scheme of things five dollars seems a lot more reasonable than paying the full excess fee.

Read more at Australian Business Traveller. Do you purchase excess baggage before you fly? Or wait to deal with it at the airport?

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