Always choose the line on the left

A self-proclaimed travel expert has revealed how choosing the correct queue to join at the airport can greatly reduce your travel time and stress – even at peak times.

The ‘expert’ posted a thread on the online forum Quora, saying that because travel can be quite stressful, we often rush through security lines and airport queues trusting habits.

Supposedly, people choose the line that corresponds to their dominant hand. So, because most people are right-handed, the lines on the right-hand side are usually busier and move at a slower pace.

The mystery airport master also said that airports often have a hidden security line to deal with hectic periods and to manage passengers who haven’t quite made it to the main queues.

“Some airports also have a hidden security line, away from the rest, often faster than all the rest,” wrote the Quora user.

Were you aware of this tip? Do you have any advice for moving through airport lines quicker?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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