An ergonomic travel pillow

Could this be your new best travel companion?

As the neck cramps begin to kick in on a long flight or a train trip, we often find ourselves praying for anything that would allow us to grab a wink of sleep … and hence the faithful neck pillow.

Although we see them in just about every store on our way through the airport, this Neck Sofa Pillow is different. It’s still light and portable like the rest, but it’s the first neck pillow to contain an inner support structure – a slim and flexible neck brace for extra reinforcement. This sits within soft memory foam, covered by a removable and washable velour pillow case.

The Neck Sofa Pillow can be used in a number of different positions and doesn’t need a chair back to provide support. By turning it to a side position, it will prevent your head from dropping forward while sleeping upright, or, if lying down, it can be used to provide neck support, keeping airways open and reducing snoring.

On trips abroad, sneaking in a few hours of sleep on the go is a must, and the tool that lets you do it effectively may be your greatest travel companion.

Do you have a travel pillow? Is yours anything like this ergonomic offering?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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