Aussies pay too much for flights


If you think that you’re paying too much for airfares, you’re probably right. Australian airlines rank among the world’s most expensive. But why is this the case?


Online travel agent,, has just released its annual flight index, which calculates the price of domestic and international air travel for 80 of the world’s most-visited countries.


The index considers the flight costs of budget and full-service airlines, during both high and low season, works out the average ticket cost for every 100km of air travel and then ranks each nation from least expensive to most expensive.


Out of the 80 countries listed, Australia came in at a disappointing 69. We pay at least $55.45 for budget domestic flights. While for budget international flights, we fork out a minimum of $12.80, making our overall average $39 per 100km.


qantas planes at the airport


The least expensive overall country for airfares was Malaysia, with an average cost of around $5.54 per 100km.


The cheapest domestic flights are in Romania at $4.03 per 100km and Sweden has the cheapest international fares at around $1.74 per 100km.


Chief Executive for, Oliver Dlouhy, said that ticket prices fluctuate based on fuel prices, socio-political shifts and fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.


A Qantas representative said that the ‘apparent’ price hike in Australia was due to factors such as seasonal market demand, currency strength and exchange, and the general aviation market.


See the full report at


Do you think Australians pay too much for flights?


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