Australia’s most respected business

Australia’s most respected business is … not Australian.

That’s right. For the third consecutive year Australians have chosen Air New Zealand as the country’s most respected company.

Australia’s major carriers, Qantas and Virgin Australia, were second and 12th respectively, but Air New Zealand came out on top of the Reputation Institute’s Australian Corporate Reputation Index drawn from a survey of a 10,000 Australians.

The only travel agency in the top 60, Flight Centre, was 16th.

Unsurprisingly, Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon is thrilled that the airline is Australia’s first choice.

“Air New Zealand is in the business of world-class journeys. Maintaining such an outstanding performance year in, year out, is down to the incredible efforts of our people to push boundaries and continually enhance all aspects of our customer experience.

“Customer focus underpins reputation leadership. We maintain our leading position by continuing to invest in our aircraft, products and services and by bringing genuine Kiwi warmth to the 17 million journeys we’re part of every year.”

Australians were asked to rate companies based on attitudes towards products and services, innovation, workplace, citizenship, governance, leadership and performance. While Air New Zealand has taken the top prize three years running, Qantas is creeping up the charts, rising one spot from number three last year.


What is your most respected business? If you had to choose between flying with Qantas and Air New Zealand, which would you choose?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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