Australia’s Top Restaurant Awards

Chefs and restaurateurs from Australia’s top 500 restaurants voted for their favourite restaurants from across the country, in order of preference. The inaugural Australian Financial Review Australia’s Top Restaurant Awards is the first such award to be decided by the chefs and restaurateurs, not the critics.

Each voting participant was asked to think about who they most respect, whose work is on the cutting edge (pardon the pun), the restaurant experience they most enjoy, and why. In other words: they were asked to think as a critic.

This year, the results showed that voters tipped their hats to a new generation of independent up-and-coming chefs. In fact, more than 10 percent of the top 100 rankings were awarded to new restaurants. Some of these include Ester, Cafe Paci, 10 William Street, Moon Park, Cho Cho San, LuMi and Sixpenny from NSW; Town Mouse, Saint Crispin, Estelle, Lee HoFook from Victoria; Franklin from Hobart, and Africola from Adelaide.

Many of the ‘old master’ restaurants still held firm in the top 100 – with Tetsuya’s at number 10, the Flower Drum at 11 and Rockpool at 12th position, Cafe Di Stasio at 20 and France-Soir sitting at 40.

Rumours were rife ‘round the kitchen that the top spot in the poll would be fought over by Sepia, Attica, Quay and Brae. In the end, it was Sydney’s Sepia named as Australia’s number one restaurant, edging out Melbourne’s Attica to second place. Quay sits at number three in the Top 100, and Dan Hunter’s regional Victorian restaurant Brae took out the fourth spot. These are not only Australia’s top four restaurants, but they also rate highest on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list (Attica 32, Quay 58, Sepia 84, Brae 88).

Many of us may not often have the chance, or the means, to sit down and enjoy a meal in many of these restaurants, but if you’re looking for a memorable dining experience, or wish to celebrate a special occasion, or you just want to treat yourself, then this is the ultimate list from which to choose.

This is the top 100 Australian Financial Review Australia’s Top Restaurant Awardslist:

1. Sepia, NSW

2. Attica, VIC

3. Quay, NSW

4. Brae, Birregurra, VIC

5. Cutler & Co, VIC

6. Vue de Monde, VIC

7. Cumulus Inc, VIC

8. Sixpenny, NSW

9. Mr Wong, NSW

10. Tetsuya’s, NSW

11. Flower Drum, VIC

12. Rockpool, NSW

13. Bentley Restaurant & Bar, NSW

14. Ester, NSW

15. MoVida, VIC

16. MomofukuSeiobo, NSW

17. Garagistes (closed April 2015), TAS

18. The Town Mouse, VIC

19. Cafe Paci, NSW

20. Cafe Di Stasio, VIC

21. 10 William St, NSW

22. Saint Crispin, VIC

23. Porteno, NSW

24. Supernormal, VIC

25. Est, NSW

26. The Bridge Room, NSW

27. Estelle, VIC

28. Lee HoFook, VIC

29. Rockpool Bar & Grill (Sydney), NSW

30. Lake House, Daylesford, VIC

31. Biota Dining, Bowral, NSW

32. Billy Kwong, NSW

33. Marque, NSW

34. Franklin, TAS

35. FratelliParadiso, NSW

36. Esquire, QLD

37. Golden Century, NSW

38. Monopole, NSW

39. Sean’s Panaroma, NSW

40. France-Soir, VIC

41. Chin Chin, VIC

42. Rockpool Bar & Grill (Melbourne), VIC

43. Coda, VIC

44. Magill Estate Restaurant, SA

45. Restaurant Amuse, WA

46. Bar Lourinha, VIC

47. Orana, SA

48. The Apollo, NSW

49. Lau’s Family Kitchen, VIC

50. Ezard, VIC

51. Pilu at Freshwater, NSW

52. Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, NSW

53. Wasabi Restaurant & Bar, QLD

54. Pei Modern (Melbourne), VIC

55. Yoshii, NSW

56. Moon Park, NSW

57. Fish Face, NSW

58. Guillaume, NSW

59. LuMi, NSW

60. Africola, SA

61. Spice Temple (Sydney), NSW

62. Provenance, Beechworth, VIC

63. Pendolino, NSW

64. Cho Cho San, NSW

65. IlBacaro, VIC

66. Hentley Farm, Seppeltsfield, SA

67. Ormeggio at the Spit, NSW

68. Nomad, NSW

69. Tonka, VIC

70. GrossiFlorentino, VIC

71. Urbane, QLD

72. Oscillate Wildly, NSW

73. Sokyo, NSW

74. Gerard’s Bistro, QLD

75. ARIA Restaurant, NSW

76. Gingerboy, VIC

77. Vasse Felix Restaurant, Cowaramup, WA

78. Luxembourg, VIC

79. Belle’s Hot Chicken, VIC

80. The European, VIC

81. Ms G’s, NSW

82. Bodega, NSW

83. Movida, NSW

84. Moon Under Water, VIC

85. Ethos Eat Drink, TAS

86. Izakaya Den, VIC

87. Print Hall Bar & Dining Room, WA


89. Spice Temple (Melbourne), VIC

90. Longrain (Melbourne), VIC

91. Epocha, VIC

92. Peel St, SA

93. El Publico, WA

94. Ten Minutes By Tractor, Main Ridge, VIC

95. Aubergine, ACT

96. Longrain (Sydney), NSW

97. 4Fourteen, NSW

98. BuonRicordo, NSW

99. Da Noi, VIC

100. Lalla Rookh, WA


Top three by state from the top 100 restaurants:

New South Wales

1. Sepia, NSW

3. Quay, NSW

8. Sixpenny, NSW



2. Attica, VIC

4. Brae, Birregurra, VIC

5. Cutler & Co, VIC


South Australia

44. Magill Estate Restaurant, SA

47. Orana, SA

60. Africola, SA



36. Esquire, QLD

53. Wasabi Restaurant & Bar, QLD

71. Urbane, QLD



17. Garagistes (closed April 2015), TAS

34. Franklin, TAS

85. Ethos Eat Drink, TAS


Western Australia

45. Restaurant Amuse, WA

77. Vasse Felix Restaurant, Cowaramup, WA

87. Print Hall Bar & Dining Room, WA


Australian Capital Territory

95. Aubergine, ACT


Have you been to any of these restaurants? How was your experience? Do you have a favourite restaurant that isn’t on this list? Why not share it with our members?

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