Best secret Aussie destinations

Even in the vastness of Australia, it’s difficult to find a real, untouched location. But Kristy, one of YOURLifeChoices members, has done some of the hard work for you. You’ll need to be quick though, as we’re sure they won’t stay secret for long.

 1. Poruma Island, Torres Straight

Even though it may take a while to get to this island, once you get there, you won’t be disappointed. This island is located in Queensland and was formerly known as Coconut Island. Poruma provides a sense of relaxation and is a place where you can truly socialise with the locals, as it is owned and operated by the community.

The beach setting makes it that much more accommodating. When you aren’t in the water, you can talk to the local women, who are likely to be weaving baskets and only to happy to show you how it’s done. The end product is usually used for cooking.

Enjoy snorkelling and diving into the clear waters full of tropical fish and other sea life. There are 30 different species of birds which live on the island, and the soft cooing noises make it a peaceful place to kick back and do very little, while you get the full-on tropical effect. If you would like to go on a fishing trip, you can arrange one through Northern Blue Charters.

2. Byabarra, New South Wales

Byabarra is very easy to miss, even when you’re driving through New South Wales slowly. This small town is basically a row of houses perched on the ridgeline overlooking the Thone River Valley, but this location is what makes it so special. When you drive up the hill and turn right, you will find yourself at one of the oldest natural reserves in NSW – Boorgana – full of gorgeous waterfalls.

There isn’t a lot to this so-called village; a two-room primary school, a weatherboard church, a community hall, a cafe and an art gallery, from where the views out over the back stretch are amazing. Not too far down the road is Ellenborough Falls, which is the largest single drop of water in the Southern Hemisphere. Port Macquarie, with its 15 beautiful beaches is only about 10 minutes away, so after looking at the scenic views, take a little journey down to the waterfront to cool off and enjoy the sun. You can find a great variety of affordable accommodation in Port Macquarie at Byabarra is one of those locations which is tucked away and this makes it that much more interesting.

3. Baird Bay, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Just looking around Baird Bay, you might ask yourself “Why did I come here?” But it is what you can’t see from the beach which makes Baird Bay one of the must-visit spots in South Australia. Imagine yourself gazing over at sea lions, one of the rarest seas species. Baird Bay is home to a large breeding colony of about 70 of these Australian mammals.

If you would like to, you can organise a group tour using Ocean Eco Experience and spend half the day swimming with sea lions and bottle-nose dolphins. What is so amazing is that you don’t even have to feed the sea lions to pique their interest. They are so friendly; the first interaction is initiated by them. So, enjoy your visit to Baird Bay and have fun making friends from the sea.

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 4. Fish Creek, Victoria

Fish Creek only has a population of about 675, according to the Census in 2006. Some people go through Fish Creek in order to get to Wilson’s Promontory, one of Victoria’s best-loved national parks.

Obviously, it is called Fish Creek because it is home to many fish. But aside from the fish, there are several art galleries in town, including the Fish Creek Pottery and Gecko Studio Gallery. If you need a place to stay, consider the Wilderness Retreats in Wilson Promontory.

5. Clunes, Victoria

Clunes is a popular weekend destination for treasure hunters, collectors, vintage car clubs, gold prospectors and families just wanting to get away. There is so much history in this town that you don’t even have to go to the museum to learn something.

Just being in the historic setting of vintage accessories and rustic looking buildings gives you an idea of its past. The antique bed and breakfasts, scenic walks, vineyards and wineries present you with information of country life from the past. Leave the modern world behind and step into this eclectic lifestyle for a day or two. Maybe you’ll even find some gold.

If you need a place to stay, Ella’s Cottage on Cameron Street is a great option.

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