Best thing to drink when you fly


We’ve all heard how we should avoid drinking coffee, tea and non-bottled water on a plane, and there are certainly no shortages of complaints about airline food in general.


Water used for coffee, tea and in non-bottled drinks is stored in tanks that aren’t regularly cleaned. And ‘getting on the turps’ is also not highly recommended.


So, what do flight attendants suggest we drink when we fly?


While one flight attendant who spoke to Business Insider may disagree, other flighties say that soft drink cans on planes are cleaner than the ones you would purchase from a supermarket or store.


“The only time I have seen dirty cans is if an open can spills into the tray and gets all the other cans sticky,” a flight attendant working for multiple airlines told Business Insider.


So, if you need a sugar or caffeine fix, go for Coke (or any other soft drink).


What’s your drink of choice when you fly?


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