Book in a date with Nessie


With 17 official sightings of the Loch Ness Monster sightings in 2017, one boating vacation company thinks Nessie may be surfacing again – and that you may have the chance to see her.


And it’s not just crackpots and crazies seeing the famous beasty. The eighth official sighting was from Lancaster University’s Dr Jo Knight, who photographed a strange fin in the water when she visited her nine-year-old niece in October.


Also, last year, a woman on her honeymoon spotted a creature which “arched out of the water”. There were three sightings in June, one in May, one in August and October, and one in April which were all deemed ‘official’ sightings.


According to Le Boat, Europe’s leading boating holiday company, the 17 sightings are the highest number since 1996, and before that – in the 60s and 30s – there were sometimes more than twenty in a year.



The best chance you’ll have to spot her is on a Caledonian Canal cruise or on Loch Ness itself – just make sure you have your camera equipment at the ready.


“Even if you don’t see Nessie, the Highlands provide a backdrop of incredible beauty for your boating holidays in Scotland. During your Caledonian canal cruise, much of your time will be spent on lakes (lochs) nestled in the rugged valleys along the Great Glen, a geologic fault line that shaped the landscape of the region. Hilltop castles, quiet waterside towns, lake resorts, cosy pubs and rich, melodic bagpipes. The Highlands are an ideal destination to hire a boat in Scotland,” says a statement from Le Boat.


When you consider what’s in store for you: trying fine Scotch at Banavie’s distilleries, wandering through Great Glen Water Park or Urquhart Castle, learning about clansmen in Fort Augustus, or visiting Inverness’s Fortrose Cathedral or Cawdor Castle, this point is proven.



For more information about a Caledonian Canal cruise, which is priced from $1271 for seven nights, visit


Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster? Even if you don’t, how does a Highlands holiday sound to you?


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