Cameras found on inflight screens

Have you ever noticed a small camera in your inflight entertainment screen? Vitaly Kamluk, a Singapore Airlines passenger recently did and wondered whether someone was watching him while he was watching inflight movies. “Just found this interesting sensor looking at me from the seat back on board of Singapore Airlines. Any expert opinion of whether this a camera? Perhaps @SingaporeAir could clarify how it is used?”


You may not have noticed, but many of the newer high definition back-of-seat screens have small cameras built into them. Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines have all admitted that many of their planes have these cameras installed on the backs of passengers’ seats.

Apparently, the manufacturers of these products have added cameras to allow flyers to video chat or conduct seat-to-seat conferencing. However, Singapore, United and American have said they have never used, nor have plans to use the cameras.

While they may not be in use yet, Mr Kamluk claims that with “one smart hack [they could] use them on 84+ aircrafts and spy on passengers” and that the cameras should be covered with stickers to protect privacy.

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Are you worried that you could be watched while watching inflight movies?

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