Can travel help you live longer?

Fact or fiction? Those who travel live longer than those who stay put at home. The answer lies in how travel benefits us.

1. It makes you healthier
Many of us are more active than usual when on holiday. We spend more time exploring the places we visit, walking around the sights, swimming in the ocean or pool, perhaps even taking a bicycle tour – things we may not usually do at home. Sometimes we discover the foods we eat on holiday to be much healthier than what we’re used to eating at home. Beach and tropical holidays offer the opportunities to experience fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables whereas at home we may be used to eating for convenience.

2. It’s motivational
Planning a holiday gives us something to look forward to and we don’t seem to mind working hard to save towards the reward of a future holiday.

3. It keeps you alert
Visiting a new place where you do not speak the language and are unsure about how to make your way around keeps your brain active. By navigating maps, trying to make yourself understood by the locals, or even learning the language before you depart on your holiday all contribute to exercising your brain.

4. It makes you feel good
Accomplishing your goal of saving up to tick visiting a long-awaited destination on your bucket list can be extremely satisfying.

5. It broadens your horizons
When travelling to other countries and spending time with people who do not have the same beliefs and lifestyles as our own, it enables us to accept and understand other cultures.

6. One thing is for sure – it certainly can’t hurt!
It makes you happier and more relaxed to do something you enjoy.

So, if something makes us happier and healthier, will this contribute to a longer life? The answer would have to be a resounding yes!

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Written by Andrea


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