Top tips for social solo cruisers

Solo cruising may be daunting for some, especially when it comes to those who wouldn’t mind making a friend with whom to share a chat or a cocktail. Luckily, there are likely many other individuals in a similar situation, the hard part is finding them. Here are our top tips for social solo travellers. 

Check the itinerary

Make sure you’re up to date on what the day’s activities are, as they’re often a great opportunity to meet new people. Cruises host a large array of events, gatherings and activities, some of which are specifically made for solo travellers. Expert advice from cruise passenger suggests heading to the piano bar on the first night of the cruise, which is apparently the go-to watering hole for other solo cruisers. 

Choose the cruise

Do your research into what type of cruise you want to go on before you book. While smaller boats may have a more intimate atmosphere, larger ones often offer more activities and gathering opportunities. Some cruises even have solo-specific functions, so you may want to look into these before making your final call.

Join the group

If you want to be a social solo cruiser, you’re not alone. In fact, there are many other like-minded solo cruisers out there who’d also like to make a friend to share a meal or a drink with. Luckily, social media makes finding these individuals a lot easier. Cruise passenger recommends Facebook groups, such as Australian Cruise Solos and Cruise Circle for Solos, where you can get some great advice on solo cruising and even connect with other travellers before your trip.

Day trips

Many cruises will offer day or half-day trips off the boat. While it may be a little intimidating approaching people in large groups onboard the ship, these are a great opportunity to get to know some of your fellow cruisers who share a similar interest in smaller groups.

Social suppers

Mealtimes are a wonderful opportunity to spark up a conversation with your fellow table guests and reflect on the day’s activities. While many cruises now have assigned seating at dinner, try to be put on a large table so you can interact with some friendly faces.

Sharing is caring

While many cruises offer single cabins, it may be fun to share with a complete stranger. If you’re feeling brave and social, you can pair up with a like-minded traveller through social media groups or with the help of a travel agent. 

Don’t be afraid of rejection

If someone isn’t up for a chat, don’t take it personally. People go on cruises for all sorts of reasons. In fact, some passengers want nothing more than to clear their head and have an extended period of ‘me time’ that looks more like a vow of silence from the outside.

Have you ever been on a cruise by yourself? What tips for solo cruisers can you share with our members? Let us know in the comments section below.

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