Crumpled City

A map is crucial part of any trip, and will save you spending precious time wandering around lost in an unfamiliar city. However, most traditional maps come with their downsides too. They can be hard to fold back, and are vulnerable to becoming battered very easily.

Enter Crumpled City maps. The lightest maps in the world, they are also indestructible and waterproof. Easy to use, they are designed to be crumpled, squashed and scrunched into a ball. No more frustrating folding required.

From Amsterdam to Zurich, the range includes many popular cities around the world. A version specifically for kids has also just been released called Crumpled City Junior. A great way to enthuse and involve kids in the travel process, the range currently includes maps for Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York and Paris.

RRP: approx. $18 – Palomar


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