101 ways to holiday in Australia: Be inspired by these 11 natural wonders

One could argue that Australia itself is a natural wonder. We’ve got the big rock, horizontal falls, devil’s marbles and trees that extend to the heavens – almost literally.

There’s no shortage of marketing for our most iconic natural wonders, but there are many more than the ones you’re likely to see promoted to overseas travellers.

Tourism Australia has released its 101 ways to holiday in Australia. It’s pretty much the ultimate Aussie bucket list and on it, so far, we covered our awesome food and drink must-dos, how to connect with Aussie wildlife, where to get your art and culture fix and how to do something epic.

This week, we explore the country’s natural wonders, of which there are plenty, but these 11 should be added to your bucket list.

29. Witness a natural phenomenon
Australia is home to some of the world’s most incredible unique landscapes and natural wonders. Many of Australia’s phenomena can only be seen at certain times a year, so you’ll have to plan ahead to witness all of the country’s seasonal nature events.

30. Chase pink lake wonders
Australia is home to many mesmerising natural attractions, but its extraordinary pink lakes have to be seen to be believed. Take your pick of pink, with incredible lakes to be seen in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

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31. Explore the tropics
From reef to outback, through rainforest and grasslands, driving through North Queensland is an unforgettable travel experience. Take a journey on the Waterfall Circuit from Cairns to the Atherton Tablelands to see some incredible lookouts, historic towns and waterfalls.

32. Chase waterfalls
Formed over millions of years, Australia’s ancient land boasts magical waterfalls and waterholes where you can splash, swim or simply stare. You’ll find these mesmerising sites all over the country, from the top of the Territory to the wild coastline of Tasmania

33. Dip in an ocean pool
Open to the public all year round and replenished naturally by ocean waves, ocean pools are an Australian institution. Most can be found in New South Wales, with pools dotting the coast from Yamba in the north to Bermagui in the south. Sydney alone has 35 of these beauties.

34. Soak in nature’s spa baths
Travellers looking to soak in a spa bath will be pleased to know that a spectacular range of natural spas, hot springs and fresh watering holes can be found all over Australia – and most won’t cost you a cent! So sit back, relax and let nature do the rest.

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35. Revel at the stars above
Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples learned how to navigate by understanding astronomy and the movement of the stars. Tap into this knowledge by pitching a tent in a ‘dark park‘, visiting an observatory or booking an after-dark astronomy experience.

36. Catch a sunrise or sunset
Sometimes, the most spectacular holiday moments are also the simplest. On your next trip, be sure to pause and watch in awe as the Australian sun moves to meet the horizon. If the timing is right, travellers to Broome can also catch a glimpse of a natural phenomenon. Only visible two or three days a month between March and October, the ‘Staircase to the Moon‘ creates a shining stripe as the full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay.

37. Go underground
From cenotes to caves, some of Australia’s most jaw-dropping natural attractions are below ground. Explore Australia’s only underground town at Coober Pedy, wander through sunken gardens or spot glow worms glittering in dark tunnels. Adventurous travellers can even scuba dive through underwater caves and cenotes at South Australia’s Mount Gambier.

38. Snorkel through colourful reefs
There’s no doubt you’re familiar with the Great Barrier Reef, but did you know that the country’s northern, western and southeastern coastlines are also underwater playgrounds? You’ll find manta rays at Lady Elliot Island, whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef and more than 500 species of fish at Lord Howe Island – and that’s just to name a few of Australia’s reef experiences.

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39. Watch wildflowers bloom
In spring, many parts of Australia overflow with wildflower blooms. Daisies turn meadows into carpets of colour, delicate orchids pop up beside forest paths and desert peas emerge from the driest of landscapes. Wildflowers can be seen in almost every state in Australia, but highlights include the town of Maree in South Australia, the Grampians in Victoria and several locations in Western Australia.

What’s your favourite Aussie natural wonder? Why not share your tips with our members in the comments section below?

Article edited from 101 ways to holiday here this year originally published on www.australia.com.

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