Harvest TV showcases the best the Central Coast has to offer

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Australia’s Central Coast has seen its share of eager tourists lately, and while uncertainty around restrictions may be holding some day trippers and weekenders back, this region will no doubt be a popular spot over the coming year.

And why not? The coast and its hinterland region are a scenic 90-minute drive from Sydney and boast enough activities to keep you occupied for days – or even longer.

One of the more popular attractions in the region is the Harvest Festival which, due to COVID-19, was cancelled this year.

However, the team behind the Harvest Festival, along with a clever creative agency, has brought the festival to life on-screen, with Harvest Festival TV.

The first episode – Taste of the Harvest – takes you behind the scenes of The Sitting Duck restaurant with a cooking demonstration with head chef Dan Capper, giving you a taste of all the beautiful elements that make The Springs a wildly popular venue.

Each year, the Harvest Festival brings together locals and visitors from intrastate and interstate, making it one of the Central Coast’s most popular events.

While the pandemic has made visiting in person impossible, the team is happy to be able to bring some of the festival magic into people’s homes, keeping alive the annual tradition of celebrating the spectacular Central Coast hinterland.

Each video highlights the coast’s hidden treasures, its people and the beautiful, fertile and productive hinterland.

Experience cooking demonstrations using delicious local produce, virtually pick seasonal fruit, visit local farmers and hear their incredible stories, discover hidden adventures, and much so more.

Explore the Harvest Festival on the Harvest Festival Facebook page and the council’s new Coast Connect YouTube channel.

Have you ever been to the Harvest Festival? If not, and having seen these videos, would you like to go?

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    Australia’s Central Coast??? I think you meant NSW Central Coast!

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    Absolutely right dstark. It seems that NSW is Australia to a lot of people and NSW is Sydney.
    To me Sydney has no appeal whatsoever and is just another overcrowded metropolis, give me Dubbo or Howlong in NSW but better still Charters Towers, Julia Creek, Longreach or St George in Queensland. Thank God Sydney isn’t the Capital of Australia.



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