Does this annoy your cabin crew?

While there are many things you can do to annoy your cabin crew, there’s one contentious issue that, according to flight blog These Gold Wings, really annoys flight attendants and passengers alike.

It involves ordering Diet Coke. Supposedly, pouring a Diet Coke or any other fizzy diet drink is quite difficult at high altitude, as diet carbonated soda foams up more than standard soft drinks. This is because Diet Coke has higher levels of carbon dioxide than regular Coke, which makes it fizzier.

As a consequence, some flighties say that they can fulfil three other drink orders in the time it takes to pour one Diet Coke. It may seem trivial, but on full-service flights, this affects passengers’ waiting time and can become an issue, especially if passengers are a bit testy at the time.

But according to flight attendant Heather Poole, there are worse things you can do than order a Diet Coke.

“For the record, I drink Diet Coke both as a flight attendant and as a passenger,” Poole writes on her blog.

Another attendant said: “It takes a while to pour because of the fizz. It’s just a few extra seconds, but when you’re in the aisle trying to do a bunch of things it feels a lot longer. It happens with any of the diet sodas, I think. But Diet Coke is all I drink, so I can’t get too annoyed.”

Besides, according to Jet, there’s a smart way to pour a Diet Coke.

The rumours about flight attendants getting annoyed when a Diet Coke is ordered may be a bit of a beat up. According to Business Insider, saying that ordering a Diet Coke makes a flight attendant’s job harder is insulting, as they are, believe it or not, very capable people and pouring drinks is just a minor part of their job.

Also, there are many other things that annoy flight attendants more, such as putting your bare feet on armrests, stretching in the galley, talking to them like they’re servants and touching them as they walk past.

So, if you really want a Diet Coke but you’re worried about annoying your flight attendant, you could always ask for the can and pour it yourself!

Has a flight attendant ever become irate over something you ordered or asked for?

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