Farewell parking tickets forever

Let’s face it, there’s really nothing more annoying than getting a parking ticket. Especially if you’ve paid for parking already and accidentally overstayed your welcome. And often it means you would have spent less if you’d caught a cab to and from where you were going.

Well, fear no more. Now you can pay for parking from your phone and never receive another ticket again. Once you’re registered, there are four simple options to choose from, including SMS, phone call, the PayStay mobile app and the website.

Parking locations covered by PayStay are clearly identified by signage. So, after you’ve parked, use your phone to record the start and end times. There’s no need for cash or to display tickets – you’ll simply get a text message to remind you when your parking is about to expire. It couldn’t be easier.

RRP: Free – iTunes App Store and Google Play Store


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