Filtered flatulence for flyers

Have you ever spent a flight holding your breath to avoid the noxious gasses released by the passengers around you? Or clenching your backside while trying to hold in your own ‘gas’? Well, apparently enough people have experienced just this, because there was sufficient demand in the market for producers Shreddies to come up with a solution.

Shreddies is a brand that specialises in flatulence-filtering garments – if you didn’t know that this was a thing brands could specialise in, don’t worry, neither did I. The company says it released ‘Carbonana’ to help users “avoid potential embarrassment”.

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This banana-shaped slip that sits between your buttocks is designed to absorb gasses before they can ruin the flights of passengers around you.

The Carbonana can be carried through customs in your hand luggage and worn once you’re through airport security. For the fashion-conscious traveller, they come in either black or beige, although I’m not sure you’d be planning to show off your Carbonana to anyone.

diagram showing how to use the fart filtering product carbonana

If you feel like spending around $35 dollars a pop, you can hand these bad boys out to the passengers sitting on either side of you to make your own flight a little more bearable. It’d definitely be one of the more interesting conversation starters they’ll have heard in their time.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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