Five best armchair travel websites

Travel doesn’t have to mean actually travelling. With so many online options, travelling the world from the comfort of your armchair has never been such fun.

Google Maps
Before you’ve even set off for the airport, Google Maps allows you to take a walk around the city you’re visiting, track your journey to your hotel, or simply view some of the best known sights around the world.

National Geographic
If you’re a little more adventurous and would like to explore the Amazon, or sail along the Nile, or stroll the Champs Élysées, then National Geographic is the site for you. Read blogs, watch videos and find out about what’s waiting for you at your ‘destination’.

Historic sights
Explore the historic and exotic sights from around the world. As well as an explanation of the history involved of places such as Westminster Abbey and the Taj Mahal, you can take a 360 degree tour of the outside of the buildings and view the plans of the inside. 

Plan ahead
If you’re not sure where to go, when to go or what to do when you get there, take all the time you want researching and planning at Lonely Planet. Get a virtual feel for somewhere and enjoy travel from your armchair. 

Budget no barrier
The great thing about armchair travel is budget is no obstacle to where you go or what you do. And no one does luxury travel better than Condé Nast. Visit the hotels and islands where the rich and famous go to stay and play, or find out what’s being eaten in the best restaurants around the world.