Four foods to never take on a plane

It’s almost impossible not to travel with food these days. With airlines and transport providers becoming more and more stingy, sky high prices and questionable food quality, you’re left with either starving yourself or the BYO option.


However, when it comes to travel, not all foods are created equal. Here are four food groups to avoid at all costs when it comes to travelling.


Unsecured liquids
What’s the worst that can happen? With water as an exception, avoid taking any liquids that can slosh around on a plane, train, boat, bus, etc. This includes coffee, soup, or any other liquid that isn’t secured in a bottle. Beware of anything with bubbles as well, as the pressure is likely to wreck havoc with these and cause a mid-flight explosion, which could land you in serious trouble.


Strong smells
This one shouldn’t require a lot of explanation … as anyone who has been unfortunate enough to sit near a passenger eating their way through an egg sandwich or dish containing fish can testify to. Unlike normal situations, passengers are literally trapped in close confines, making it almost impossible for them to escape even if they wanted too. Steer clear of eggs, tuna and especially overripe bananas.


While it’s completely understandable to want to pass the time kicking back with a glass of vino in hand, sadly, the only way to consume alcohol on a plane is by purchasing it. For somewhat obvious reasons, flight attendants are the only ones allowed to dispense alcohol. So, if you purchase something in duty free, don’t expect to be able to crack it open on board.


Messy foods
Some things are best enjoyed at a restaurant, so forget anything too fussy food-wise while travelling. Food requiring a fork and knife, sushi with its chopsticks and soy sauce, all these options may be delicious, but they are also highly susceptible to spills and can’t be eaten very easily. Another less obvious messy food to avoid is anything with too much seasoning that will end up all over your hands and clothes.


What’s the worst accident you’ve had involving food or drink during transit? Do you have a go-to snack for travelling?


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