Get good audio on your travel video

Sound quality can be every bit as important as beautiful images when you are recording. Here are our tips for getting it right.

Keep your trap shut
The temptation to talk about what you are looking at while you are recording it can be great, especially as it can be hard to remember all the details and you want to lock them in straight away. However, narrating your travel videos really limits your editing options. A much better technique is to take handwritten notes of the places you visit or to use the voice recorder on your smartphone. You can add always add a voiceover to your video later, but not having a running commentary allows you to chop and change the footage you would like to use, and doesn’t lock you into using everything you have shot.

Don’t hold back
Etiquette sometimes suggests that if you are recording video you should stand at the back because you don’t want to get in the way of others. A little bit of courage to stand at the front can go a long way. It allows you to fill the frame with your subject, enhancing your video quality, but also allows you to pick up much better sounds and speech, especially if you are relying on your built-in microphone to capture sound. So make sure that the first zoom option you choose is with your feet.

Keep your ear out
A good travel video will record the ambience of the place you are visiting. So instead of just looking for the visual you would like to record, get into the habit of listening as well. Recording little sound bites as you travel along can add incredible atmosphere to your videos.

What tips do you have when creating your travel videos?

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