How not to lose your luggage

Did you know that one piece of luggage for every 100 passengers gets lost at the airport? That means on a fully packed Boeing 737 flight, two people will be without luggage at the other end. Here are some handy tips to make sure that poor sucker isn’t you.

Pack for the worst-case scenario
Pack your carry-on luggage as though you expect your checked luggage to get lost. This means carrying a change of clothes, a toothbrush and any documentation with you. Even if your checked luggage gets lost, you will be able to get by until it arrives.

Take a photo
Before leaving for the airport, take a photo of your luggage, as well as the contents. This way if it is lost, you can just show the photo to the staff at the airport, instead of trying to describe your bag. The contents photo will also help with any insurance claims you (hopefully never need to) make.

Tag it
Make sure all old tags are removed, and only tags with your present destination and contact details are on your luggage. Be especially careful to remove any barcode stickers that may have been left on after your last trip, to prevent your luggage from ending up elsewhere.

Get a colourful case
Make sure that your case stands out from the crowd. Trying to describe how your 62 cm black-wheeled suitcase is different from all the other lost 62 cm black-wheeled suitcases can be a challenge, and makes it more likely you won’t get it back. There have also been instances of airlines removing the wrong piece of luggage from the aircraft, thinking it belonged to a no-show passenger, when, really, your bag just looked the same as theirs.

Do not decorate
Although it is important for your bag to stand out, do not tie ribbons onto your luggage. These can get stuck in the conveyor belt mechanisms, and may cause your luggage to be left behind.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart

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