How to skip the line at attractions

Have you ever spent more time waiting outside an attraction than you spent actually in there? I have. Here are three tips to help you skip the line and make the most of your time abroad.

Book a tour
Have you ever entered the back of a long line outside a tourist attraction, then been approached by locals offering personalised tours and promising that you’ll get to skip the queue? While I’ve only agreed to this on a few occasions where long lines were involved, and where I’ve been offered reasonable prices and had faith in the tour guide. And they’ve all been worthwhile. In some countries, such as Turkey and Cambodia, these self-taught tour guides will have arrangements with the other attractions and can get you in quickly, plus you’d be surprised what you might learn. If this makes you nervous, look up more formal tours that offer similar line-jumping benefits in a more organised context.

Pay a little extra
I know, not the most attractive option. But when you’re travelling it’s often on limited time. Some popular attractions sell more expensive tickets that include faster entry. While I used to sacrifice afternoons standing in the sun and waiting rather than pay an extra penny, I now weigh up the time wasted against what it cost me to travel at all, and normally a few extra dollars to save an hour is worth it. It’s best to look into whether or not an attraction offers this option before you arrive.

External Ticket Outlets
Some specialised outlets may sell fast-track tickets to attractions. Look into organisations such as TicketOne, Museum Pass or Weekend a Firenze to see if they can offer any line-jumping benefits. Other specialised ticket options, such as CityPass or LeisurePass, can offer bundles that include a speedy entry to major attractions.

Do you have any tips or tricks for queue jumping that you’d like to share with our members?

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