Is it safe to travel to Fiji?

In the wake of Tropical Cyclone Winston, many Australians may be wondering whether it’s safe to travel to Fiji. If you have a trip planned, here’s our guide on what you need to know to help you decide.

Can I get there?

Flights to Fiji have now resumed, but it is best to contact your airline to confirm that your departure is still scheduled as booked.

Is my accommodation still available?

Some resorts have remained unharmed by the cyclone, while others are currently undergoing clean-up exercises. Tourism Fiji is providing updates via Twitter but it’s best to contact your travel provider or accommodation directly. You will need to bear in mind that communication may be affected or that the accommodation staff will be busy taking care of things on the ground. A little patience will be appreciated.

Is it safe to travel in and around Fiji?

There has been substantial damage to roads, infrastructure, buildings and communication. Tourist infrastructure has also been affected and flood warnings remain in place. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is advising that you reconsider your travel plans and you should check for updates.

Are there any health risks?

As the water infrastructure has been affected and there has been severe flooding, the quality of the water may be compromised and you should consider drinking bottled water only. The stagnant ground water may also attract more insects than usual, so you should definitely ensure you pack strong insect repellent.

Will my insurance cover me if I cancel?

This all depends on your policy and when it was purchased. Policies purchased after midnight on Wednesday 17 February are not likely to have cover for this event, as it was determined by then the cyclone would hit. You should also check the wording of your policy carefully to see if you are covered before cancelling any arrangements.

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