Volunteering in health care

Now that her husband can no longer work full time, Heather is keen to help him use his valuable nursing qualifications as a volunteer. But is there any need for such experience?

Q. Heather
My husband is just going onto the invalid pension. He has been an enrolled nurse with all the qualifications but due to ill health, he is having difficulties working 40 hours each week. Can you give me a site that tells us what is available, volunteering throughout Australia?

The skills your husband has will be much sought after by organisations both here in Australia and overseas. The best place to start is your local medical practitioner or hospital that will be aware of projects in the area that can use your skills.

The Red Cross also has information on volunteering and St John’s Ambulance will accept trained volunteers for first aid training and medical support at events.

You may also wish to consider volunteering overseas if your circumstances allow it. For more information, visit the organisations listed below.

Before your husband agrees to volunteer for any organisation, he should contact Centrelink to make sure his pension will not be affected.

Red Cross
St John’s Ambulance

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