Is this the ultimate travel belt?

The FlipBelt is an ideal way to keep your passport, money and phone safe when you travel, but when you return home you can use it for walking, exercise and any time you need to keep your hands free.

The FlipBelt is not your typical travel belt. Instead of a pocket sewn to a belt that goes over your shoulder, around your neck or your waist, the FlipBelt is a tubular pocket with multiple openings for the items you need to take on the go.

No buckles, no Velcro and no zippers make it super comfortable to wear beneath the waist of your pants or under your shirt or blouse. It sits snug against you, so no bouncing about and you’ll barely feel it when you wear it. Pop your items in and turn the belt around and your goods will travel safely wherever you go, whether you walk, run or skip along.

FlipBelts come in a few different styles and are suitable for travel, fitness and everyday use.

The FlipBelt Classic sells for around $45. The FlipBelt Zipper is a model up on the classic, sells for around $50, featuring an extra secure zipper pocket and designed to carry passports, large phones and other goodies.

Simply slide in your travel essentials through any of the three access points, secure your keys on the sewn-in clip, and place small valuables inside the zipper pocket.

Your bits and pieces will stay safe and secure and, most importantly, in comfort and ‘stealth’.

The H20 Protect Pack includes a FlipBelt Zippered Edition plus your choice of a Loksak phone protector or a handy FlipBelt Hydration Bottle all for around $85.

How do you keep your travel bits safe? What do you think of this idea?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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