It’s official – we have the world’s best coffee shops

Research from coffee producer Tambia has found that when it comes to the top 10 cities in the world with beautiful coffee shops, five are in Australia.

Tambia studied Instagram data in more than 360 cities to discover where is home to the most beautiful coffee shops in the world, using mentions of coffee-related words and locations.

The results confirmed that Aussies really love their coffee.

Most beautiful cities to have a coffee 

1. Melbourne, Australia: Melbourne‘s art scene has made it a popular destination for coffee lovers. With nearly 900,000 Instagram posts, people from all over the world have deemed the city the best place to enjoy a beautiful background whilst having a coffee. From the city’s trendy cafes to its unique coffee shops, Melbourne has become a haven for coffee-lovers looking for an aesthetic experience.

2. Sydney, Australia: Sydney takes a close second in the rankings of Instagram posts related to coffee culture, boasting an impressive 350,000 posts. With its relaxed atmosphere, al fresco seating and picturesque ocean views, it’s no wonder people flock to the city for a caffeine-fuelled escape. Sydney is an ideal destination for coffee aficionados looking for a beachside paradise.

3. Perth, Australia: As one of the most remote cities across the globe, Perth has still managed to become a hub for coffee aficionados. With more than 280,000 Instagram posts, locals and tourists alike flock to the city’s coffee shops for their daily dose of caffeine.

4. Brisbane, Australia: Brisbane‘s coffee culture has been celebrated in more than 230,000 Instagram posts, making it the fourth most popular city in Australia in which to enjoy a brew. The city’s balmy temperature and green landscapes create an idyllic setting to relax and savour a cup of coffee while soaking up the sunshine.

5. London, UK: London is the only non-Australian city to make the top five, with more than 200,000 Instagram posts dedicated to its coffee shops. London often attracts those who want to explore the ever-evolving coffee scene and sample speciality brews from around the world. 

Tambia’s research also revealed just how diverse the coffee scene is around the world, ranging from hearty espressos in Italy, to kopi (coffee with sweetened condensed milk) in Singapore.

“Instagram is a fantastic place to find the trendiest spots to visit, especially if you are travelling to a new city,” Sarah Del Corral, partner at Tambia said.

“A cup of joe is such a natural part of our day to day, even when overseas, so it’s wonderful to see people share the places they love the most on social media. We hope our research serves as inspiration to guide you on your next travel and take in the colours, scents and wonderful sights that cities around the world have to offer, while you enjoy a locally authentic brew.”

Do you have a local favourite coffee shop? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Ellie Baxter
Ellie Baxter
Writer and editor with interests in travel, health, wellbeing and food. Has knowledge of marketing psychology, social media management and is a keen observer and commentator on issues facing older Australians.
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