Multi-generational travel on the up

New research reveals that multi-generational travel may be making a comeback – at least according to a study conducted by P&O Cruises.

The Australia-wide survey of more than 1000 respondents aged 18 to 29 revealed that more than half (51 per cent) had been on an all-expenses ‘paid-for-by-their-parents’ holiday since turning 18.

More than eight in 10 (82 per cent) said they would consider holidaying with mum and dad, with one in five claiming their motivation was to save money and half (50 per cent) to spend more time with family.

Eight in 10 of those who had already holidayed with their parents said it was more fun than they expected, while 91 per cent said they’d travel with mum and dad again.

Why? Six in 10 say to spend quality time with their parents, followed by nostalgia (40 per cent), fun (37 per cent) and travelling without spending their own money (33 per cent).

But while your adult children may wish to travel with you, YourLifeChoices research shows that you don’t really want to travel with them – and especially not with grandkids.

The YourLifeChoices 2019 Australian Travel Inspirations Survey showed that the over 55s would rather travel alone than with their kids.

When asked about their preferred travel buddies, 56 per cent of the 2354 respondents said they enjoy travelling with their partner the most, followed by good friends (12 per cent), solo (10.5 per cent), and with a partner and family (9.5 per cent).

Travelling with adult children was way down the list at four per cent and travelling with grandkids barely registered (0.68 per cent).

Do you like to travel with your children and/or grandchildren?

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