Are you being watched while you watch inflight movies?

Have you ever noticed a small camera in your inflight entertainment screen?

Have you ever noticed a small camera in your inflight entertainment screen? Vitaly Kamluk, a Singapore Airlines passenger recently did and wondered whether someone was watching him while he was watching inflight movies. “Just found this interesting sensor looking at me from the seat back on board of Singapore Airlines. Any expert opinion of whether this a camera? Perhaps @SingaporeAir could clarify how it is used?”

You may not have noticed, but many of the newer high definition back-of-seat screens have small cameras built into them. Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines have all admitted that many of their planes have these cameras installed on the backs of passengers’ seats.

Apparently, the manufacturers of these products have added cameras to allow flyers to video chat or conduct seat-to-seat conferencing. However, Singapore, United and American have said they have never used, nor have plans to use the cameras.

While they may not be in use yet, Mr Kamluk claims that with “one smart hack [they could] use them on 84+ aircrafts and spy on passengers” and that the cameras should be covered with stickers to protect privacy.

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Are you worried that you could be watched while watching inflight movies?



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    2nd Mar 2019
    My laptop uses facial recognition and has a similar camera to recognize me. I cover it with a band aid and use a password to logon. I do the same if I see a camera anywhere else. I pull funny faces at the one at the bank and anywhere else I see a camera. I've got a driver's licence and a passport to prove my identify. If someone wants proof of my identify they can ask me and I can produce these documents if I believe they have the right to know my identity. No one has the right to "sneak" up on me and record my whereabouts on a database that can be hacked. It's an invasion of my privacy without my knowledge. I think it should be illegal.
    4th Mar 2019
    Wherever you go nowadays, camera's record your movements. If you don't like it stay at home with your blinds drawn. BTW most smart TV's also have camera's that can be activated by the user or others on the WWW.
    2nd Mar 2019
    So what, there are cameras everywhere nowadays, on the streets, in shopping areas, banks, health facilities, taxis, even dash cam in cars, why should aircraft be any different. The only persons to be worried are those who have bad intentions or disgustingly bad habits. Even facial or number plate recognition, speed and traffic light cameras do not worry me, it is just part of normal life today. If camera surveillance is helpful in keeping those I love and care about safe then it is OK with me, I have nothing to hide.

    2nd Mar 2019
    Good pickup by Mr. Kamluk. In fact, it could be on at any time, not just when you are watching movies as this article heading suggests. Your seat is your private area and they have no business to allow any camera on you without your permission - it must be covered say by an optional slide-on cover which is covered by default.
    3rd Mar 2019
    3rd Mar 2019
    Bunch of perverts
    4th Mar 2019
    "Singapore, United and American have said they have never used, nor have plans to use the cameras." Must be a slow news day.

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