China’s favourite Aussie travel brands will surprise you

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Ever wondered which brands are most respected by our Chinese visitors?

You may be surprised at the Australian brand most preferred by Chinese consumers, but then again, you may not.

Researchers from Monash University and Digital Crew surveyed 9000 Chinese consumers, aged between 24 and 67, to gauge their perceptions of more than 100 Australian-owned brands.

The favourite brand for Chinese consumers was Adina Apartment Hotels, followed by Qantas Airways and Mantra Hotels. Other tourism brands making the top 10 included Virgin Australia and Medina Hotels. Top alcoholic brands include XXXX and Lindeman’s Wines.

It’s a far cry from last year’s favourites, A2 Milk and Chemist Warehouse. This year, tourism and alcohol tourism reigned supreme.

Chinese consumers voted for Adina based on “value for money and quality accommodation”.

“Australian brands need to establish their dominance and prevalence over other foreign brands in the world’s largest economy and, in order to be successful in China, Australian brands need a long-term strategy,” Digital Crew co-founder Ophenia Liang told the Australian Financial Review.

“Many facts uncovered in the report are shocking, as they thread over a wide disconnect between the way brands are perceived in Australia and the way they are perceived in China.”

The report also revealed Tasmania as Chinese travellers’ preferred destination. Last year’s winner, the Gold Coast, fell to seventh place.

Qantas was the only brand from last year’s top 10 to make the list again.

Which is your favourite brand? Which is your favourite travel brand? Have you ever stayed at an Adina property? What was it like?

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    Never heard of Adina, in a multinational world I wouldn’t know which brands are still Australian. I like Virgin mobile



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