Why are airplane seats almost always blue?

Can you recall the colour of the seats on your last flight?

Why are plane seats always blue?

A lot has been done in recent years to lift the otherwise plain appearance of plane interiors.

You’ll notice when you walk onto a Virgin plane, the purple club-lounge lights lining the ceiling, which immediately distract you from the commercial carpet, beige walls, and metal and vinyl seats, and make you feel as if you’re stepping into something sort of special.

But airline designers aren’t installing soft lighting and pleasing colour palettes for aesthetic purposes. No, they’re doing it to soothe you.

“Colour psychology plays an important role in developing the overall look,” says Boeing on its website.

“Studies show that people in different cultures associate certain colours with similar emotions or concepts. Blue/green is nearly unanimously associated with peace. Pink and lavender shades connote love, while blue/purple may signify nobility.”

Which explains why airlines almost always have blue seats. It’s a colour that’s  meant to keep you calm in what should be a possibly stressful situation. After all, you’re 30,000 feet in the air, packed in like sardines with people who may not pass your pub test.

According to the designers of Boeing, colour creates an important impression and informs passenger experience: “Lighter colours may make something seem higher, larger, wider and more open. Darker colours give the feeling of lower, smaller, narrower and more enclosed spaces. Blue and green tones may also help a person feel cooler, and blue can send a message of clean or fresh fragrance.”

Have you ever noticed the colour combinations used on airlines? Can you recall the airline with which you’ve had the calmest feeling onboard? Do you recall the colours used on that plane?



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    1st Dec 2018
    Just out of interest, aircraft seat covers on some of the early planes (and trains as well) were woven out of asbestos. Happy days indeed.
    2nd Dec 2018
    Fire retardant. We are probably OK - not sure about the seamstresses though.
    1st Dec 2018
    So they look like duh sky?
    1st Dec 2018
    I always felt safest and calmest in the orange deckchair style seats of a C130 Hercules. May not have been the most comfortable ride, the "flight attendants" (aka Loadmasters) are a tad rough and the boxed lunch not the most appetizing but I felt supremely safe as the old Herc lumbered along.
    2nd Dec 2018
    - and the toilets are even more exciting!
    1st Dec 2018
    after countless flights both domestic and international I don't rate seat colour importance at all. Space, comfort, service, food, cleanliness and general wear and tear of the cabin are far more likely to influence the enjoyment of a flight. I would rather sit in a yellow polka dot seat in business class than a calming blue in cattle class.
    2nd Dec 2018
    2nd Dec 2018
    Blue? Funny. Who knows what tricks the mind plays though.

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