No more missed connections

Have you ever been in a rush to make a connecting flight? If you have, you’ll know the experience can be nightmarish.

United Airlines has developed a new tool that aims to eliminate missed connections from your itinerary.

Called ConnectionSaver, the tool identifies departing flights that can be held for travellers running late or who have had their previous flight delayed, without inconveniencing passengers who have already boarded.

It considers how long it will take for late connecting customers to get from gate to gate and any potential impact holding a plane may have on other flights and customers. It also helps speed up connections, by providing late passengers with detailed directions, information about distances to walk and maps of the airport and amenities.

ConnectionSaver helped over 14,000 passengers who would otherwise have missed flights during trials at Denver and Chicago airports over four months. Held flights averaged about six minutes. Now that the tool has proven to be successful, United plans to roll it out across the US.

“ConnectionSaver only works if it allows us to care for as many customers as possible – without inconveniencing others – and that’s exactly what this technology has shown it can do,” said United chief customer officer Toby Enqvist.

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Would you like to see other airlines adopt this technology?

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