Packing tricks for simpler travel

These travel packing tricks will have you packing lighter and smarter, so you can fly out to the door to your destination with ease.

Packing clothes

Roll your clothes to prevent wrinkling and save room in your suitcase, then fill the spaces with other items. You can also use dry cleaning bags to stop creases on your evening shirt or dress – just put the item inside the bag and fold as normal.

When packing collared shirts, roll a belt around the inside of the collar to keep it stiff and wrinkle-free.

To prevent shoes from soiling clothes in your suitcase, store them with the soles down in shower caps.

Your shoes can be used for more than just walking during your trip. When travelling, they can be filled with smaller items that are fragile or easily lost in the recesses of your luggage.

Packing jewellery

Store earrings and rings in week-at-a-time pill boxes to keep them safe. Use the holes on buttons to keep earring pairs together. Avoid wasting time fiddling with tangled necklace chains by threading the chains through a straw, clip it shut and voila! 

Bobby pins and hair elastics can be easily lost during a trip, but an empty mint tin or Tic Tac container is a wonderful storage option. 

Packing toiletries

When you’re only going away for a few nights and won’t use a whole 100ml travel bottle worth of moisturiser and shower gel, try smaller storage options. Contact lens storage cases are perfect for travelling with makeup and moisturisers, while straws can be filled with shower gel or toothpaste, and sticky-taped shut.

Never buy travel-sized toothpastes again by learning how to refill them from bigger tubes. Simply hold the mouths of both toothpaste tubes together and carefully squeeze toothpaste from the larger tube into the smaller one.

Travelling with razor blades can be hazardous for your other toiletries, but a binder or bulldog clip fitted over the blade will work a treat.

When all your toiletries are finally condensed down to travel size, pack everything into a glasses case for compact travel. 

In fact, glasses cases can be used to store many other items also, including phone and camera chargers, sim cards and digital devices.

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Amelia Theodorakis
Amelia Theodorakis
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