Program to pacify passengers

Aviophobes can relax when they fly with Virgin, which has this month launched a special program to help make frightened flyers more placid passengers.

Nervous flyers who sign up to the program will receive a personalised email a week before they fly, including inflight wellbeing tips from Virgin Australia’s expert health and wellness partners and technical information aimed at easing passenger paranoia. On the day of the flight, passengers will receive positive affirmation text messages, then special inflight wellness and meditations will be available on inflight entertainment. Cabin crew also promise to pay extra special attention to nervous flyers who’ve signed up for the program.

“Our research tells us more than 11 per cent of our guests experience high levels of nervousness about travelling, and that they want information and support to help them through their next flight,” said Stuart Aggs, Virgin Australia’s acting chief operations officer.

“We’re always working to make flying as joyful and stress-free as possible, which is why we’re extremely proud to launch our Nervous Flyers program,’’ he said.

“The Nervous Flyers program allows us to connect with our passengers throughout a number of touchpoints during their journey. Whether it’s sharing breathing techniques from one of our expert partners or a video to help put passengers at ease about turbulence, we want our guests to know we care and we’re here to support them.”

A special symbol will appear on the digital boarding passes of those who self-identify as anxious flyers.

The new program is available for passengers who book at least seven days before travel on any Virgin Australia-operated flights.

All you have to do to sign up is select ‘Specific Assistance/Request Nervous Flyer’ when booking, or afterwards through ‘Manage Your Booking’ or by calling the Virgin Australia ‘Guest Contact’.

Would this type of program help you feel better about flying?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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