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The ultimate playlists for iconic road trips

From cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard in America to taking on the Great Ocean Road at home, there is nothing quite like a road trip.

Creating a great playlist is essential before setting off on a journey, but it’s often difficult to create one with the perfect number of tunes to last the entire journey … until now.

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The experts at Uswitch decided to research how many songs per music genre it would take to enjoy the world’s most popular road trips.

After analysing Google Maps to find each trip’s estimated journey time, and Spotify to calculate the number of songs that would fit into the journey per genre, they can now reveal all.

The most popular road trips, according to Instagram

According to the total number of Instagram hashtags, the top two most popular road trips are based in the USA. Route 66, probably one of the most iconic routes in the world, tops the list with just over 1.9 million. This is followed in second place by the Big Sur Coast Highway, travelling along the Big Sur region of California, with 1.42 million hashtags.

Narrowly in third place is the Great Ocean Road in Australia with just over 1.4 million. This scenic beauty hugs the cliffs overlooking the Southern Ocean in southwest Victoria.

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The road trips in fourth and fifth place are in Europe. The Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland is one of the longest defined coastal routes in the world, and more than 1.3 million would agree it is a thing of beauty. If you prefer driving across the mountainous terrain of an impressive national park, Snowdonia in Wales makes up the top five with 882,141.

Photo Credit – Trekandshoot

The experts at Uswitch found that it takes 32 hours to complete Route 66. When it comes to musical genres, fans of dance would need 490 tracks to complete the ‘Mother Road’. Fans of rock would need 474 songs, whereas R&B lovers would choose 561 tunes. If you like metal, a playlist of 452 songs will complete the Route 66 trip, whereas if you love pop music, 590 songs would be necessary.

Photo Credit – Doug Meek

The Big Sur Coast Highway in California runs along most of the Pacific coastline and is 150km, making the trip approximately two hours and 12 minutes. Lovers of classical music would need only 28 tracks, the lowest number of songs among the genres analysed. It would take 36 tunes for fans of gaming to finish the drive, and instrumental fans would need 45 songs, the highest number of tracks out of the genres.

Photo Credit – Yunsun Kim

At 233km, the Great Ocean Road trip is estimated at three hours and 15 minutes. Hip hop, R&B and Caribbean music fans could create a curated playlist of 57 tracks to complete this picturesque road trip. Fans of dance music would need 50 tracks and pop lovers would need 60.

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The Wild Atlantic Way trip in Ireland, has an estimated duration of 16 hours and 10 minutes. Instrumental fans would need the most tracks at 342 in their playlist, hip hop fans could create one at 288 songs and gaming enthusiasts would need 273.

Photo Credit – Roman Babakin

The shortest of the 10 road trips analysed is the Snowdonia road trip in Wales, which takes an estimated one hour and 10 minutes to complete. Dance fans would need 24 tunes, followed by 23 tracks needed by rock lovers, 22 by metal fans and 20 by classical enthusiasts.

Number of tracks needed per musical genre to complete these iconic road trips

See the full study here.

Have you completed any of these top road trips? What’s your favourite genre of music to listen to while driving? Let us know in the comments section below.

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