Seven sneaky hotel tips to save you money

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No one likes paying more in hotel fees than they have to – travel can be expensive enough. But with these seven sneaky hotel tips, you’ll save money and still have a ball.

Book at the best time
The price tags on hotel rooms change over time. Service is an app that will automatically refund you the price difference anytime the cost of a hotel room drops after booking, so you won’t have to stress about the perfect purchase time. On the other hand, if you’re a spontaneous traveller who doesn’t like booking ahead, can help you pick up some great last minute deals on rooms.

Cut out the middle man
Something you may not know is that hotels pay commissions to booking sites such as and Expedia … and they can really raise the price of a room. To avoid having to pay these costs, some hotels will try to encourage people to book directly, offering the lowest prices and even extras such as gift cards or additional free nights.

Sell your room
If you’ve ever had plans change suddenly and been stuck with a non-refundable hotel room, you’d understand what a blow it can be to the wallet. Luckily, you can use sites such as or to sell your hotel room on to other travellers for a discount price.

Bring your own drinks
It may not make you feel like the fanciest traveller but skipping the hotel bar can save you a small fortune. We’re not suggesting you sneak a bottle of liquor under your coat, but buying a bottle of wine or a six pack from the store and unwinding in your room in front of the TV will help keep your hotel tab on the slim side. LifeHacker recommends that you fill up your hotel room sink with ice to keep your drinks cool.

Avoid paying for laundry
If you’re torn between paying hefty hotel laundry fees or carrying around a suitcase of old clothes, it might be time to look into some portable, self-wash options such as the No detergent portable washer. For more tips, check out these eight washing tips for travellers.

Make an inventory of your minibar
You may just want to flop on the bed upon arrival, but glance over the minibar and make sure everything it claims is there is actually there. You don’t want to be charged exorbitant prices come checkout for snacks you didn’t even have. 

Avoid paying for wifi
Having to pay for internet access is a common unfactored fee and having to pay for multiple devices can be quite a blow to the budget. Luckily, devices such as the Skyroam Solis allow you to connect on multiple devices to unlimited 4G data in over 130 countries. You pay a standard fee of $9 per day. It’s worth comparing the price of this handy travel gadget to the cost of hotel wifi usage.

Did we miss any money-saving hotel tricks? Why not share yours below?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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  1. 0

    You didn’t mention that hotels using the priceline websites like agoda, etc, will have to sign a deal that they won’t sell the rooms cheaper than through those booking sites. I found often that I got the best deal through Agoda or and you certainly will get the best rooms, sometimes with free upgrades, in the hope that you’ll leave a good review. I have booked hotels direct after having stayed there through booking sites, and was given inferior rooms and service – some hotels keep their best rooms for these website booking companies. As much as I hate profits that should be the hotels going to a multinational in the US, this is the reality. Having said that, I usually only book the first night and then look around for a hotel myself. This way I find the ones that don’t use these booking sites, and they are often much better value and I know that my money stays in the country I visit.

  2. 0

    What “”$9 per day”” Thats $270- per month !!

  3. 0

    Easy enough to say, book direct rather than through middlemen but trying to find some of them buried on the internet is one thing, getting them to answer their phone is another.
    I have three times phoned one of the Sydney airport hotels direct to make a booking only to be told it is fully booked. I have then immediately booked the same hotel on with no trouble and received my usual benefits and discounts on checking in. The whole hotel booking business is far more mysterious than who you book with.

    • 0

      That happens usually more with the large hotels, they set aside x number of rooms for each of the booking sites. You’ll notice the booking sites often say “only 2 rooms left” for example, that’s 2 rooms on THAT site, doesn’t mean there’s other’s around.

      I’ve had motels where you walk in and say can I have the price on Wotif and they say, “No you’ll have to book on Wotif if you want that lower price” – ridiculous situation, they end up paying Wotif the 15% commission, I pay the lower rate and the motel ends up with far less.

  4. 0

    What a racket this is. There are two companies I have booked with and the problems I have are:

    1. I’ve had inferior rooms after I was promised better rooms over the phone
    2. The book companies have told outright lies

    I refuse to deal with these cheats again!

  5. 0

    What a racket this is. There are two companies I have booked with and the problems I have are:

    1. I’ve had inferior rooms after I was promised better rooms over the phone
    2. The book companies have told outright lies

    I refuse to deal with these cheats again!



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