P&O breaks out new short break cruises, Princess goes local

It’s already been a big year in cruising and the 2018/19 cruise season is shaping up to be a ripper. Here’s the latest cruise news to inspire you to get on board.

P&O breaks out more short break cruises
In a bid to meet the surging popularity and increasing demand for short break cruises, P&O has answered the call, announcing more choices for two- and three-night cruise itineraries in its 2019/20 season.

New itineraries revealed at the World’s Leading Cruise Lines Next Wave Summit on the weekend include a Country Music Festival at Sea departing Brisbane in December 2019 and two 1980s Tribute Cruises departing Brisbane and Sydney in February and April 2020.

P&O’s research found that more than half of Australians who want to holiday are looking for holidays of three days or less. So short-break cruises now represent 40 per cent of the line’s offering.

“Among people who are time poor or want a second holiday, that short break market is continuing to grow,” said president of Carnival Australia and New Zealand and P&O Cruises Australia, Sture Myrmell.

“If you put these theme cruises together well, it’s a lot of fun and people get really engaged.

P&O’s short break product has tripled in the past six years, driven largely by the popularity of its Big Laugh Comedy Cruises.

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Princess goes local
Princess Cruises prides itself on providing immersive destination experiences and is expanding its popular Local Connections program in Australia, offering 20 new shore excursions across the nation.

“Princess Cruises, the destination leader, has partnered with a trusted team of local experts to bring you the best each region has to offer. From intriguing cultural content on board, to exclusive experiences ashore, you’ll gain a richer appreciation for the places you visit,” says Princess Cruises.

“Where can I get the best local cuisine? What regional product would make a unique souvenir? Every voyage of discovery naturally raises plenty of questions. Our experts have scoured the region to recommend essential experiences and find distinctive things you’ll want to bring home with you as lasting memories.”

Led by local experts from each city, Princess excursions include visiting kitchens, microbreweries, wineries and cafés, the chance to get up close and personal with wildlife and VIP access to various places of interest.

Travel and Cruise Weekly predict 2019 cruise hot spots
Cruise gurus Travel and Cruise Weekly have predicted the top three destinations that look to be popular cruise destinations next year, based on increased passenger numbers and where cruise lines are sending more ships to keep up with the demand.

Alaska is high on the list, with passengers seeking the chilly waters and stunning coastlines of this wild US state. Not only does Alaska provide awe-inspiring scenery and wildlife, it’s also celebrating 60 years of statehood next year, so passengers may have the chance to join in the party.

New Zealand is endlessly popular among Aussie cruisers, with more and more ships visiting each year. With a perfect blend of adventure-oriented activities and jaw-dropping landscapes, expect NZ’s popularity to keep rising.

The Mekong river in south-east Asia spans 4350km and runs along the Tibetan Plateau, through a number of countries, including China’s Yunnan province, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. As such, it offers cruisers many different experiences on the one cruise: from the rich splendour of Buddhist temples to hard-working, hope-filled people rising from poverty and turmoil with a smile, etching indelible memories that will stick with you for years. 

Where do you want to cruise next? Is a short break cruise on your list? What local experience would you recommend to visitors of your hometown?

Written by Leon Della Bosca

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