Six hidden gems of Las Vegas

Believe it or not, when in Las Vegas there’s more to daily life than just gambling on The Strip and catching the iconic shows. If you’re keen to do a little more in Vegas, here are six little gems that you might not yet know about!

1. Gondola Cruising
It may just be the next best thing to a real gondola ride in Venice! A gondola ride at the Venetian will take you on a luxury cruise down canals, under bridges and alongside cafes and shops, just as you would in the real Venice. Both day and night-time journeys are available and cost US$29 per person for a shared 4-person boat. 

2. Museums Galore
Interested in local history and culture? Vegas has more museums than you think! Head to the Neon Museum for a one-hour tour of Vegas’s iconic neon signs or the Mob Museum to find out how organised crime once troubled Vegas itself. There’s also the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art (which has featured works by Picasso and Warhol) and if you’re into science, try the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

3. Rollin Smoke BBQ
If you’ve never toured the southern US states before, you have to try southern BBQ. Rollin Smoke BBQ (on Highland Drive) is one of the most popular and highly rated, and serves up everything from brisket, pulled pork and ribs to smoked chicken, catfish, shrimp and sweet cornbread.

mandalay bay shark aquarium

4. Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium
Did you know that one of the biggest aquariums in the US can be found in Vegas? At the Mandalay Bay Resort, you can glimpse an impressive range of sea creatures, from piranhas, rays and sharks to green sea turtles, komodo dragons and even a giant pacific octopus. The resort beach is worth checking out, too.

5. Titanic Tour
It hit an iceberg in 1912 and today, the Titanic tragedy still enthrals us. Over 250 artefacts from the wreck have been salvaged – including passenger luggage and an unopened champagne bottle – and they’re on display at the Luxor. You’ll also get to see a life-size recreation of the ship’s hull and Grand Staircase. If you plan to visit the Promenade Deck, bring your coat! Temperatures are set to mimic those on the night of the sinking.

6. Grand Canyon Day Trip
Did you know that the Grand Canyon is only four hours from Vegas? If you’ve got a day to spare, it’s worth the trip and tours depart daily. Activities are endless and can include boat cruising on the Colorado River, scenic flying, hiking tours and even mule riding!

Tips for a Memorable Trip:

  • Avoid summer (Jun-Aug) if you don’t like extreme heat; temperatures can reach up to 40-45°C!
  • The bus and monorail make getting around the Strip easy, but to get to other parts of town (e.g. Downtown), it’s best to drive or take a taxi/Uber.
  • Bring your swimmers! Almost every hotel in Vegas has a pool.
  • If you do plan to rent a car, go for something compact. Petrol in Vegas can be pricey!


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