Solo Travel

Australians travel alone for many different reasons; their partner isn’t keen on travelling, they don’t have anyone with whom to travel, or they simply love their own company.

Females travelling alone need to be prepared and a little more careful than their male counterparts. We’ve got solo travel guides for countries around the world and some useful tips for women travelling alone.

Solo travellers need not travel alone. In fact, there are group tours to suit all budgets and interests, with single supplements kept at reasonable prices. YourLifeChoices has plenty of information and resources for those planning singles holidays, cruises for singles, adventure travel for single people and singles accommodation, and plenty of options available for those who want to go it alone.

Here’s how to solo travel the world

Solo travel can seem daunting but it's also infinitely rewarding.

Travel guru predicts increased wanderlust in post-COVID world

Lockdowns and border closures have fuelled the desire to travel.

Travel SOS: What is the best way to travel around WA solo?

Julia wants to travel around Western Australia by herself but driving isn't an option for her.

Why every woman should travel solo at least once in their lives

Women are hitting the road in record numbers - with or without a travel companion.

Embrace the future by learning how to hug a tree in Italy

It's been proposed as a tonic for troubled times

Airbnb: What’s the COVID-19 policy?

What happens if you book and borders close again? Will you get your money back?

The truth behind travel photos

Travel influencer embarks on unique trip down memory lane.

Only serving solo travellers

Tour group offers a world first and plans to keep adding exciting solo travel experiences to

Why are more Aussies travelling solo?

What prevents you from travelling alone? What motivates you? Aussie travellers have their say.

Tips for social solo cruisers

These seven simple tips can help solo cruisers have the social trip of a lifetime.

Dangerous destinations for women

Can you guess the most and least dangerous destinations for women travelling alone?

Cheap destinations for solo travel

Travelling alone means placing a serious emphasis on safety and affordability.

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