Take your own travel towel


According to Douglas Adams in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a towel is the most important item a traveller can possess.


While the idea of taking your own towel may be appealing, the space it takes up in your bag is by no means ideal.


It’s the night before a trip, and you’ve got all your clothes, shoes, toiletries and camera laid out on your bed. But you can’t seem to make them all fit into your suitcase because that damn cotton towel is taking up half the space.


When you’re travelling you want to be selective about what to take. That usually means no bulky or heavy items. While towels are notoriously bulky and often heavy-ish, the NanoDry Towel is small enough to fit in your pocket and, at just 142g, is also super light.


It’s a full-sized towel at 120cm by 60cm (there’s also a smaller version); it can absorb 2.3 times its own weight in moisture; dries nearly instantly when clipped to the side of a bag; stays fresh, thanks to an antimicrobial coating and comes in two colours: charcoal grey or moss yellow. It also comes in a handy silicone travel case and is machine-washable.



It’s perfect for campers, swimmers, day-trippers and anyone who’s precious about the materials that touch their nether regions. Find yours at Matador.


Do you take your own towel along when travelling? Or are you happy using the supplied ones?


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Liv Gardiner
Liv Gardiner
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