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Travelling in comfort is less about the class you travel in and money you spend and more about how you plan ahead. A little organisation goes a long way and can make your trip feel more luxurious.


One of the key aspects that sets business or luxury travel apart is the inconvenience of transfers transfers. It’s all well and good to have your main form of transport, whether that be a plane, train, boat or bus, but the fiddly bits either side can make for a frustrating and stressful experience if not organised in advance. There’s nothing worse than arriving tired and disorientated in a new city and then confronting how you will get to your accommodation.


Chauffeured cars, arguably the ultimate option, are expensive. Taxis often end up being unpleasant (and expensive) experiences, and public transport doesn’t deliver the desired stress-free, luxury, door-to-door outcome.


So where does that leave us? Meet Hoppa. A shuttle service around the world that provides the door-to-door transfer service without the price tag. Simply choose your pickup point, destination and number of seats, and you’ll be offered a range of choices from shared shuttle buses up to private transfers. The cost is more than reasonable.


how hopa works


Still not sold? I recently travelled to Spain and road tested Hoppa from Mallorca airport to my hotel and back. I could not fault the service, the drivers or the condition of the shuttle. The online customer help was unlike anything I have experienced. The issue about my flight time was fixed for me in no time at all and response rates were quicker than some of my friends texting me back!


It’s a small detail in your overall trip, but one that can make any budget vacation feel like a luxury holiday.


Find out more at Hoppa. How do you currently handle transfers? Why not share you tips with our members?


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