The future of cruising

Ponant Cruises has announced a truly immersive new feature that will change the future of cruising – its Blue Eye Underwater Lounge.

In what could be the most exciting onboard experience in ages, the Ponant’s Blue Eye lounges will allow passengers to see what’s going on underneath them, immersing them into the deep blue along with passing marine life and the sounds of the sea.

The lounges will be located beneath the water line and will feature two windows that look out into the sea, as well as HD digital screens projecting images from live feeds transmitted from three underwater cameras.

The expedition company revealed that this world-first multi-sensory space will debut on Le Laperouse in June next year, the first of four new luxury explorer class yachts.

“It’s an underwater lounge, below the water line and will allow – in the spirit of taking guests further where others do not go – people to be placed in the environment through a multi-sensory experience,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Ponant Americas, Navin Sawhney.

And if seeing isn’t believing, you’ll be able to hear underwater life via specially designed hydrophones that can capture noises up to 5km away. And, when you sit in the multi-sensory, vibrating sofas, you’ll also feel the sounds of the sea throughout your body.

ponant explorer class luxury yacht

Ponant’s explorer class vessels accommodate 184 passengers in 92 cabins and will sail the Great Lakes, the Panama Canal, the Amazon, the Baltic Sea, Indian Ocean and Great Barrier Reef. Its 2018 itinerary includes the waters off the Kimberley, Indonesia, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Europe, the Arctic and Subantarctic Islands.

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