The Waze to get you there faster

Waze is a navigation and live traffic app that allows users to report incidents, heavy traffic, speed cameras and even police operations in real time to other app users.

Reportedly as reliable as other GPS navigation systems on the market, this free app stands out from other apps by allowing the app users themselves to report traffic issues, rather than just relying on GPS data like Google or Apple navigation does.

While you may have nothing to hide from the police, a booze bus or police operation can result in a longer line-up and wait than the worst construction zone on a freeway. So knowing when and where these operations are located can save you significant travel time.

The coolest feature Waze offers is that it can look at your calendar and advise you to leave early if heavy traffic has been indicated along your route.

Why not give Waze a try today?

Available on iTunes and Android

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