Qantas and Jetstar to supercharge Aussie tourism, starting with $19 airfares

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Qantas and Jetstar plan to supercharge Australia’s tourism industry now that state borders are starting to open, with airfares from as little as $19.

The sale is the perfect salve for millions of Aussies stuck in social isolation since early in the year.

And it’s not that old sales trick where only one seat on every flight is $19, either.

Jetstar has released 10,000 one-way fares for $19, on 22 routes including Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to Gold Coast, Melbourne to Byron Bay (Ballina), Brisbane to Whitsunday Coast (Proserpine) and Adelaide to Cairns.

You can also pick up $49 flights from Brisbane to Mackay as well as $79 flights from Sydney to Hamilton Island and Brisbane to Darwin.

Fares will be available until Monday night, unless sold prior.

According to Travel Weekly, more discounted flights will be released to service Western Australia and Tasmania once border restrictions are eased in these states.

Qantas is also offering its millions frequent flyers triple points on all booked flights nationwide from 27 June until 31 October 2020.

“There is huge pent up demand for air travel, with people wanting to get away after months of being stuck at home,” said Qantas Group chief Alan Joyce.

“Our research tells us more than 75 per cent of Australians intend to fly in the next six months.

“We know that these low fares will encourage even more people to get on a flight to take a short holiday or visit family and friends.

“We’ve already seen our flights from Sydney to Cairns fill up on the days after the proposed Queensland border opening date of 10 July 2020, so we’re adding more.”

He it was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of state borders opening up and visit local gems, such as the Barossa Valley in South Australia and Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.

“As the national carrier we have an important role to play in driving tourism and reviving the industry that has been devastated by COVID-19,” he said.

“There are one million people who work in tourism across Australia.

“The entire industry, from hotel providers to small tourism operators, are struggling to make a post pandemic comeback.

“We have a lot of aircraft on the ground with fixed costs attached to them, so if we can put some of them back in the air by offering special fares, it’s a positive for us, for our people, for tourism and for consumers.”

Both Qantas and Jetstar offering increased booking flexibility, too. Customers will have the ability to change the date of their flight once, without paying a change fee.

However, customers will need to cover any extra fare increases for new bookings.

Learn more about the latest state border requirements.

$19 flights available until sold out include:

  • Adelaide – Melbourne 21 July – 17 Sept, 7 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Adelaide – Sydney 21 July – 17 Sept, 7 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Adelaide – Cairns 13 August – 17 Sept, 7 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne (Avalon) – Gold Coast 15 July – 10 Sept, 7 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne (Avalon) – Sydney 21 July – 17 Sept 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Brisbane – Sydney 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Brisbane – Proserpine 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Brisbane – Townsville 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Ballina 14 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Ballina 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Cairns 14 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Cairns – Gold Coast 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Cairns 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Sunshine Coast 14 July – 24 Sept, 13 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Sunshine Coast 16 July – 24 Sept, 13 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Newcastle 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Gold Coast 14 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Melbourne – Sydney 4 August – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Newcastle – Gold Coast 21 July – 17 Sept, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Proserpine 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Townsville 21 July – 17 Sep, 6 Oct – 31 Oct
  • Sydney – Gold Coast 21 July – 24 Sept, 13 Oct – 31 Oct

The news comes on the heels of Qantas’ promise to give customers full refunds on any international and domestic cancelled or delayed flights affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) COVID-19 Taskforce had concerns with Qantas after receiving hundreds of complaints from passengers whose flights were suspended or cancelled due to travel restrictions, but who were given flight credits by the airline instead of refunds.

According to Qantas terms and conditions, customers with fares booked on any of its domestic and international flights can have their fare refunded if the airline makes a significant change to their flight and cannot offer another acceptable booking in lieu.

“We want to ensure that customers are aware that when Qantas suspends or cancels flights due to travel restrictions and fails to provide them with an acceptable alternative flight, they are entitled to a refund,” said ACCC chair Rod Sims.

Qantas has already begun contacting its customers notifying them of their refund entitlements.

Will you take advantage of the Qantas/Jetstar sale?

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    Well, conveniently? all $19 fares are sold out. I logged in to Jetstar early Saturday morning (21/6) and couldn’t see any $19 fares available. They were listed but ALL were labelled SOLD OUT.

  2. 0

    Typical all eastern states destinations nothing from WA grrrr

  3. 0

    All bullshit. My daughter flew back to Canberra from Launceston last Friday after looking after me after an operation. The cost….$500 one way and I know that’s true because I paid for it. Plus she told me that they were squashed in like sardines from Launceston to Melbourne. So much for social distancing. Oh, yes that was Quantas. She does a lot of flying and prefers Virgin, cheaper, more professional and easier to deal with. Bunch of con artists. Not to worry I never fly with Quantas anyway but with Virgin on the back foot we didn’t have much choice.



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