Three tiny travel gadgets

These three tiny travel essentials can fit on your keychain and may prove to be oh-so-helpful while globetrotting. These three mini-sized essentials will have your back while you’re abroad.


Ever noticed how expensive it is to buy sunscreen overseas? Especially when you have to ditch it before every flight because it’s over 100ml? The Aloe Gator mini sunscreen bottle can fit on a key chain and, being just 44.5ml, it can travel in your carry-on bag without a fuss. You can take this little bottle of SPF30 protection everywhere on your adventures with you and forget the fear of burning. This is one of the only brands that make key chain-sized bottles, and when it’s empty, just refill as you please.

Want to take your tunes with you? The Chuckchi mini, portable and waterproof speaker can go anywhere with you and connects easily to your device via Bluetooth. Don’t let size fool you: it guarantees high-quality sound with good definition and bass. It can be completely submerged in water down to five feet, so you can enjoy your shower sing-along or party with the porpoises for three hours before it will need to be recharged. At 4.5cm wide, the Chuckchi comes in orange, blue or green, as well as with a USB cable, a handy hook, a user manual and a 12-month warranty.

Keep all your travel documents and information safe on this discreet key-shaped USB drive. The sleek Kootion 16GB key USB key also comes in black and silver, has fast transfer speeds, and is super cheap. This USB saves your devices from filling up, allows you to download pictures from a phone or camera to clear up space, and keeps you snapping away endlessly while on holiday.

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