A definitive guide to travel packing

Packing for travel can be a challenge at the best of times. What should you take? How much room will you need in your suitcase or bag? Do you know how to pack a suit? Well, we can help answer those questions, with our definitive guide to travel packing.

Let’s get things started with a simple, step-by-step video that shows you how to roll your clothes so they don’t become wrinkled.

SJ was once our intrepid travel writer-at-large. She has a wealth of knowledge that she’s shared with you in our weekend travel news. If anyone knows how to pack a bag, it’s SJ. From advising on how to pack a bag properly to how to pack a bag that will give you clothes for weeks – in a carry-on, no less – she certainly knows her way around a suitcase.

As far as figuring out which clothes you should pack, SJ’s article on how to pack a weekend bag may not list all that you think you’ll need, but it will give you a good starting point. She’s also found an awesome interactive packing list. It will almost ensure you never leave home without your underwear (or toothbrush) again.

We may not able to tell you exactly what to pack for your next holiday, but Kay O’Sullivan can certainly help you with what you shouldn’t be schlepping on your journey.

And do you know how to pack a suit?

Find out how, in this quick video tutorial.

Finally, no guide to travel packing would be complete without Amelia’s simple packing tips. And, for any last-minute packing suggestions, don’t forget to check in with Smartraveller before you go.

Do you have any ingenious packing tips you can share with our members?

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