GlobeTipping: Tipping made easy

How much should you tip your cab driver? Are you supposed to give the porter a dollar or two? And to whom are you supposed to tip? Do you hand your spa therapist a gratuity after a manicure? Is your tip included in your cab fare in Cambodia? Will only $5 offend your concierge after he’s organised concert tickets for you?

With Global Tipping, you don’t have to be a maths wiz to work out how much you should tip and when.

GlobeTipping is a handy app that gives you a guide to tipping etiquette in over 200 countries, including how much to tip and to whom.

Not only is GlobeTipping the ideal tipping app, it’s also great for helping you split bills with your friends. And if you’re impressed with someone’s service, you can use the calculator to work out a better tip, then split the cost of the bill (and tip) with your friends.

It also has a cool function that enables you to send a ‘receipt’ so you and your friends will know exactly how much to pay.

The ‘Advisor’ helps you work out when to tip. Plus it lets you store your most commonly used tipping equations to your favourites.

GlobeTipping is so simple to use it makes tipping child’s play.

Discover how GlobeTipping can help you on your next trip, or download the app from the Apple Store.

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