What to wear on the plane

How many times have you boarded a plane only to find you were too cold/too hot/uncomfortable/just not right? If you’re anything like me, more often than not you regret your dress choices. Let’s make a pact here and now. From this day forward, we will both make smarter decisions about our travel outfits and follow all the rules below, each and every time we head to an airport. The key here is ‘comfort fashion’, or what I like to call cashion.

Layer until you can layer no more
If you don’t resemble the Michelin Man, you’re not trying hard enough. Wearing a T-shirt and jumper on the plane simply doesn’t cut it – you’ve got to be prepared for all conditions: think overheated airport lounges, freezing plane cabins at 36,000 feet and the steamy welcome of a humid destination. Your best weapon is a singlet, light tee or long-sleeve top, jumper and lightweight jacket on the top half, and pants for the bottom half. Carry a second pair of comfortable bottoms (e.g. leggings), extra socks and underwear.

Natural fabrics are a must
Everything you layer should be made from natural fabrics to ensure your skin can breathe and to prevent your in-flight neighbour/s from requesting a seat change. Fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen are ideal as they are comfortable and less likely to pong!

In scarves we trust
Not only highly fashionable, a scarf is also one of the best items of clothing in my humble opinion. On a plane it readily doubles as a cosy blanket for your top or bottom half, and is always a snug option for your neck. Pick a scarf made from wool or silk that you can roll up into a compact little bundle when it’s not needed.

Comfort is a shoe-in
While we might see photos of all the models and celebrities walking through airports in their high heels as if on the runways of Milan or Paris, this is not normal. Under no circumstances should you head off on a trip wearing high heels. Comfort is a must, particularly when it comes to your tootsies. They’re going to trudge all over the airport on your behalf – treat them kindly and put your most comfortable shoes on.

Looser clothes are all the go
Skinny jeans are usually my pants of choice for flights, but I’m starting to seriously question this habit. As you’re hopefully picking up, comfort is key when travelling on a plane. And jeans are typically not that comfortable, especially after sitting in the same position for multiple hours. Looser fitting clothes are the way to go, and they’re much less likely to restrict blood flow around your body.

Compression socks, say no more
Although they’re far from the most attractive socks in the world, compression socks do serve a very important purpose. Put a pair of these fellas on your legs (they usually go right up to the knee!) and you won’t look back. The socks help to promote blood circulation and reduce the likelihood of both swelling and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Put on a little bit of the Ritz
By now, you’re thinking you’ll just wear your pyjamas and ugg boots on your next flight, aren’t you? Well, hold up a minute. Comfort is definitely important, but a touch of style is still required. You’re in public after all, not in your living room. So before you ditch all manner of fashion, bear in mind those you’re going to cross paths with, plus the chance of an upgrade, and dress accordingly!

Do you have any flight attire catastrophes you’d like to share? Any further suggestions about what worked for you?

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